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Dramatis Personae

Jason Liebrecht Jason Liebrecht

Jason is a member of the Austin, Texas based Rude Mechanicals Theater Collective. As a Rude Mech, he has taken part in the creation of several pieces, including El Paraiso, in which he played James Dean; Stadium Devildare by Ruth Margraff, in which he played Evel Knievel, and the internationally toured hit, Lipstick Traces, in which he played Johnny Rotten.

He also appeared in Richard Linklater's animated film Waking Life and David Byrne's True Stories. Jason is currently the voice of Ban Midou in ADVFilms' anime series The Getbackers and is scheduled to play Jerry in the New York City premiere of Karla, a new play by Steve Earle. For his performance as Bobby in "Home," Liebrecht was nominated for best actor at the Trenton Film Festival.