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Stephen T.
	      NeaveStephen T. Neave

Stephen T. Neave is an actor, director,  writer and producer, and the founder of Good People), a movie company based in Brooklyn. Neave co-wrote, directed and starred in Good Humor, a black-and-white comedy about an idealistic college graduate who buys an ice cream truck hoping to become a beacon of joy for neighborhood children, only to receive a harsh lesson in the realities of being a small business owner. He and his friend and frequent collaborator, Steve Loff (see below), are developing a follow-up feature, Unconditional. He recently co-directed a production of John Patrick Shanley's Italian American Reconciliation at New York's Gene Frankel Theater..

For his performance as Tommy Wolens in Home, Neave was awarded the Trenton Film Festival's 2005 prize for best supporting actor in a narrative feature.

Stephen enjoys movies, skin diving, dare-devilish behavior, speed walking, and free form base jumping. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife, Erin and his super-fresh son, Jackson.

For more information on Good People, visit http://www.wemegp.com/.