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Film and television critic Matt Zoller Seitz makes his feature debut with HOME, a laid-back comic drama set at an all-night party in Brooklyn.

On a sweltering midsummer’s night, struggling playwright Bobby (Jason Liebrecht) heads off to a Brooklyn house party, hoping to reconnect with free-spirited ex-girlfriend Harper (Minerva Scelza), who is still very much on his mind. But when Bobby meets elegant editor and co-hostess Susan (Nicol Zanzarella), he reconsiders his options. Susan is still reeling from a recent breakup, but might be enticed into romance – if Bobby can make up his mind.

Also on the prowl at the party is charismatic motormouth Tommy (Stephen T. Neave), who charms the ladies even as he irritates Bobby. Red-headed singleton Rose (Erin S. Visslailli), Susan’s roommate and co-hostess of the party, fancies Tommy herself, but it’s Harper who catches Tommy’s eye.

Over the course of the night, as wine bottles empty and inhibitions vanish, various couples court and spark, break up and get down. Harper and Tommy flirt outrageously; Bobby and Susan circle each other warily; and the relationship of Josh (Bradley Spinelli) and Annie (Jennifer Larkin), reaches the breaking point. Romantic banter gives way to moments of pain, loneliness and anger, and the cast of characters expands as the party rages on.

There's Sammy (Zachary Oberzan), a neurotic obsessed with leaving New York City, and his patient partner Pete (Rob Scorrano); newlyweds Mike (Marc Nolan) and Carmen (Jennifer Russo), Susan's brother and sister-in-law, who extol the virtues of suburbia; and Tim (John Sebastian), a shambling, bespectacled jazz buff. Some want sex; others want love. Some want freedom; others want stability. They all go home with someone.

Written, produced, directed, and edited by Seitz, film critic for NYPress and television critic for the Star-Ledger, HOME is a bittersweet romantic comedy that packs a lot of stories into just two floors.